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Creative Digital Coaching

Creative coaching SocialMediaMarketing.co has a unique service we call creative coaching.

What is creative coaching?
Creative Coaching is similar to business coaching, but with a focus on boosting your creative works and ideas in order to better engage with your customers and form better business strategies.

The age of context is upon us 1 and technology, business and personal life will be more integrated than ever before. Those who refuse to learn the latest technologies will be at a loss or will fail to stay in business. That's why we're here for you! We'll help you with writing, picking images, integrating and utilizing the best social networks, setting the tone for your company/brand and finding your personal voice to enhance your brand. Our process will help you move into the right direction for your business and the technologies it can utilize to enhance it, while still allowing you to keep your message personalized and unique to you.

If you have trouble writing we can perform that task for you, either occasionally or frequently depending on your comfort level and budget. Think of us as your digital training wheels if your new to the blogging or social media scene. We'll be by your side and help you along your journey to find your personal voice and brand.

To get started email us or use the contact form below to get a customized creative coaching management plan made just for your needs. We charge by the hour and can meet you online or in person in select areas such as: New York City, Westchester NY, and Stamford CT.

1. The age of context refers to a term Shel Israel coined in an article and upcoming book called 'Age of Context'


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